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    Solution for Standardization of Mortality Rates

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    What is the importance of standardization of mortality rates? What is the usefulness of the different methods of standardization? Please elaborate your answer and provide references.

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    Solution for Standardization of Mortality Rates

    Background-Mortality Rate
    Mortality rate in its crude form or crude death rate is an estimate of the rate at which people in a given population segment die over a specific period of time. Mathematically, this is expressed as a fraction in which the number of people dying over a specific period divided by the denominator which is the size of the population multiplied by a thousand or hundred thousand depending on how rare the disease is.
    Number of deaths during a specified period
    Number of persons at risk of dying during the period. x 10n
    Where n represents either 3 for a thousand or 4 for 10,000

    • Comparing mortality rates in two or more different geographic areas is preferable as it is more useful and important for the evaluation of community health status.
    • Mortality rates are dependent on variables such as age, sex, socioeconomic status etc.,
    • As two or more populations will not have similar characteristic distribution of these factors, it would be misleading to use crude mortality rates for comparison as they do not give the true picture about the health status of a given population.
    • The comparison of death ...

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    Mortality rates are compared to give relative health statuses of different geographical areas. Since crude mortality rates can give a misleading picture, it is important to standardize them in order to control for such confounders as age, sex and social status.
    This solution gives a guide in point form on the importance of standardization of mortality rates and how to go about achieving this task.