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Public Policy and Social and Political Values

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How might you define public policy? How do social and political values play a significant role in public policy? Why do you think there are varying philosophies and theories regarding governance and public policy? Is any one philosophy or theory better than another? Explain your answers.

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Public policy has some variation in definitions, so you may wish to check with your individual professor which interpretation they wish to use. Furthermore, I am expressing some of my opinions that should help you get started in forming your own opinions or writing a paper on this subject, but they should not be viewed as comprehensive or absolutely authoritative.

Public policy is the general attitude or guiding principles that the government adopts in relation to a particular subject. For example, public policy is not necessarily the specific law saying that driving 40 km/hr over the speed limit results in 2 demerit points. However, public policy is the guiding principle or priority is that the roads and driving should be ...

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The expert examines public policy and the social and political values.

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