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    Issues in terrorism case study

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    I would like some help and getting started on the right track with these questions thanks:

    The autumn morning is sunny with heavy crowds using the various subway trains. It is a perfect day for shopping at the mall and other shopping areas around the city. As passengers are boarding a subway there's an explosion that rips the on-coming train apart. Panic takes over most of the crowd. Several minutes there's another explosion in the station. More panic.
    A security guard quickly dials 9-1-1: "I'm calling from the Waldorf Station. We've just had an explosion in station and one on a train." Everybody's screaming. I don't know how many are injured... People are injured and some appear to be quite serious! "

    I. Based on the above description, what type of disaster do you believe happened at this instance?
    What would the first three actions you would take if you considered it to be a terrorist attack?
    Whom would you immediately contact and what would you tell them or ask of them?
    Since the shoppers are panic-stricken what are your most significant fears if order isn't quickly restored?
    What recommendations/advice would you provide the disaster coordinator/Incident Commander at this time?
    Briefly describe what you consider should be an appropriate media response to this disaster scenario. Also be sure to consider current U.S. policy against terrorism and the role of Federal agencies and the implementation of the NRP.

    Hall, Robert and Erica Dusenberry Dimitrov. â??The Application of Cost management and Life-Cycle Cost Theory to Homeland Security National Priorities.â? Homeland Security Affairs V, no. 2 (May 2009)

    II. After reviewing the following article cited above please respond to the following question:

    Question: Rarely do political leaders openly discuss cost management and life-cycle cost theory when they address security issues and the "war on terrorism." Of course, we all know that decisions are always made with costs a clear concern. Carefully read the six steps used to implement the LLC methodology. Briefly discuss what you believe to a strength and a weakness in the LLC methodology.

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    Based on the title of the question, I can see natural gas explosion is not a consideration. That is unless the people wishing to create havoc, destruction, and harm set off explosives that would in turn set off the natural gas lines that would naturally run under a city infrastructure. I would think a bomb had been set to go off on a train and a second on in the station within a few minutes, to create the most damage and harm.

    First I would secure any children possible in the safest place I could find and second call the emergency number. The third would be to see how many people I could help. By calling 911 I would be activating the vast network of safety trained people in the city and I would tell them there had been two explosions from two different areas. I would let them know that people were injured, there was damage, and that I had children who were involved and I had taken them or put them in whatever place I had found. I would ...

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