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    Annotated outline-Leadership, Globalization and New Social Media

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    I need help in putting together information that I can use and l also need guidance for the structure for an annotated outline that contains the following:
    Leadership, Globalization and the New Social Media-Use my problem statement and research questions and the basic outline and bibliography (for the annotated outline, begin with the basic outline and add detail describing what will occur in each section of your paper), for major headings, include several descriptive sentences or a short descriptive paragraph, for minor subheadings, a sentence or two is sufficient, keep in mind that the focus of the final project is to review or critique research related to my topic, addressing the research questions through published research. Delineate the specific areas to be covered in the project, briefly describe the topic, problem, and question(s) that I intend to explore in the project and discuss how quantitative or qualitative methods could be used to study this issue, briefly comment on the feasibility of the project that I intend to undertake, and drawing on appropriate criteria. Develop an annotated bibliography that includes at least 12-15 references (include a minimum of 5 qualitative references and a minimum of 5 quantitative references that will be included in your final project), use the complete APA style and formatting for each reference, article, or source., briefly describe each reference including how it will add value to your project, keep in mind that the focus of the final project is to review or critique research related to my topic, addressing the research questions through published research, include at least 3 peer-reviewed research studies that use a quantitative method and at least 3 research studies that use a qualitative method, include a brief description of each reference and how each will add value to the project, and include a timeline for completion of my final project.

    ***Attached are some of my documents on Globalization***

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    Research Study Plan

    Proposed Title: Leadership, Globalization and the New Social Media


    Ours is a digital world where information is easily accessed through the internet, through highly connected information technology networks that has changed the way we live our lives. The 'New Social Media' - online community systems that allow for people to share, connect and live their digital lives has made people interact much faster, more often and more intrinsically without the barriers of culture, geography and time differences. Such social changes as can be expected impact the way leadership is practiced and how social order and development is achieved by governments according to the purposes and design of their politics and constitutions. Globalization - the increasingly intrinsic and interdependent nature of international cooperation between nations has been furthered on by the New Social Media so that conflicts of the international nature come to the forefront sooner and the notion of 'glocal' - Global concerns, Local events - is not practiced. This study will explore these phenomenons and its impact on society and public administration. There are limitations, of course but given the resources available - the study will attempt to lay out a picture of how these elements intertwine construct the kind of government, leadership and society we experience and live as today. The hope is that the information mined can be used for good purpose in coming to understand how leadership and globalization are impacted by social media and to use said information in the practice of public administration and leadership.

    Problem State & Research Questions

    The main problem statement of this study is as follows - How has the New Social Media Impacted Leadership and Globalization? This becomes the basis for the hypothesis that for me goes like this - 'The New Social Media has changed the way leadership is practiced and has positively impacted globalization in that it hastened interdependence and cross-cultural interactions further.' The study will attempt to prove this position. Of course a number of support questions follow. For instance - meanings of globalization, new social media, republican administration and leadership will be in question. How has leadership changed in politics and in the private sector due to this? What examples serve to validate these changes? What kind of social media had the most impact? How has social media been impacted by globalization? Can we see globalization and 'new leadership' played out in the new social media? What examples are available? These are just among the many questions that can be used to explore this research topic. I have 'distilled all these ideas below:

    Main Question - How does globalization and the new social media fuelled by the internet and related technologies impact leadership and public administration?

    1. Corollary 1 - What is globalization and how does it impact leadership?
    2. Corollary 2 - How is leadership in public administration practiced? What are the most applicable theories?
    3. Corollary 3 - What is the new social media and what is its impact to the present? How is social media utilized by society? How is the new social media indicative of globalization and what is this social media's ...

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    Annotated outline-leaderships, globalization and new social medias are given. How to add value to each product is given.