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Evaluation of Federal Bureaucracies

The Public Graded Federal Bureaucracies

What specific items ought to be listed on a report card that is used to evaluate a federal bureaucracy?

Which agencies or departments do you think would get the worst grades?

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While I consider this an impossible notion, simply because of the political and social climate of the nation, I can try to give you an educated opinion. The ability to grade a federal bureacracies would depend on the reason for the agency/department and the mission of the same. The reality is that we cannot assume that certain things are done or not done by an agency, simply because it is a government agency and it may be charged with additional duties not publicly declared. The Department of the Interior is currently and for the past decade (or more) being sued for funds due on land and rights. This was a mission charged to them and until the suit was little known. The DOI does an excellent job of maintaining and protecting parks and lands, but they do not do well in areas such as protection of some ...

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The solution discusses possible standards for evaluation of federal bureaucracies and includes a speculative but informed assumption of departments that might not fare so well using these standards.