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    Slope of acceleration time graph for motion in 1-D.

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    If the curve on the position versus time graph is velocity, and the velocity versus time graph curve is acceleration,what is the curve for the acceleration graph versus time? Or am I wrong? If you have a y versus x graph as our teacher said it is not the velocity, then it is y versus x, which is not velocity, then what is it?

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    Probably you have not got the basic concept of graph.
    Graph is a pictorial representation of the relationship between two variable quantities. In mathematics we suppose any two arbitrary quantities x and y. y depends on x. We call y is a function of x and is written mathematically y = f (x)
    In physics we can take pair of any two physical quantities related to each other such as 'velocity and time', 'position and time', elastic ...

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    The concept of the slope of a curve on a graph is discussed with example and the diagram. The quantity represented by the slope of acceleration time graph is explained.