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    Angular motion with constant acceleration of a ceiling fan

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    A ceiling fan has one red blade. Initially rotating in a counterclockwise (positive direction) with angular velocity Wo= +30 radians per second.
    At that instant, when the red blade makes an angle Qo= +1.4 radians from the +x axis, the current is reversed and a timer is started at 0 seconds. From that instant, the rotating fan continues through additional 60 radians while coming to a momentary stop and reversing direction, all at a constant angular acceleration.
    a. Find A, the angular acceleration.
    b. Develop an equation giving Q(t), the angular position as a function of time.
    c. Find the angle in radians, between the plus x axis and the red blade at the
    instant of the momentary stop.
    d. Show a graph of Q(t) from part b.

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    a. The general equation expressing angular position Q as a function of time for any constant angular acceleration in terms of initial position Qo, initial angular velocity Wo, and angular velocity A, is:
    (1) 'Q(t) = Qo + Wo t + .5 A t^2'
    Similarlly, constant angular acceleration for a time interval is 'change of angular velocity divided by the time', ...

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