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Calculating Angular Acceleration and Revolutions

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Question: The blades of a fan running at low speed turn at 250 rpm. When the fan is switched to high speed, the rotation rate increases uniformly to 350 rpm in 5.75 s.
a.) What is the magnitude of the angular acceleration of the blades?
b.) How many revolutions do the blades go through while the fan is accelerating?

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The following solution provides a detailed step-by-step explanation of how to solve both of these physics-based questions, which pertain to acceleration. The equations and variables which are needed to solve for these problems are included.

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a) Initial angular speed of the fan is Ai = 250 rpm, we will convert this to radians/sec for easy calculation.
- 250 rotations/min =250 * 2 * pi rotations/60 seconds
Ai = 500 pi/60 rad/sec = 8.33 pi rad/sec

Similarly, Af = 350 * 2 * pi/60 = 11.67 pi ...

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