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Angular acceleration, tangential speed, and angle turned

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A flywheel whose diameter D= 1.2 m, is initially rotating at Wo= 200 revolutions per minute. During time t- 60 sec, its rotation rate increases with constant acceleration to a final value of Wf= 1000 rev/min.
Part a. find the initial tangential speed in m/sec, of a point on the rim.
Part b. find the angular acceleration in radians per second squared.
Part c. find the total number of radians it rotates during the 60 seconds.

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The solution determines the initial tangential speed, angular acceleration and angle turned.

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Part a.
Step 1. From angular motion description equations, recall that the relation between angular velocity W of an object and the linear, tangential speed along a circle of radius R, is given by:
(1) Vtan = R W
Step 2. Substituting given values with units, and converting min to sec should ...

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