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Calculating angular speed and revolutions

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An electric ceiling fan is rotating about a fixed axis with an initial angular velocity of 0.200 rev/s . The angular acceleration is 0.911 rev/s^2 . Its blades form a circle of diameter 0.720m .

A) Compute the angular velocity of the fan after time 0.201 s has passed. Express your answer numerically in revolutions per second.

B) Through how many revolutions has the blade turned in the time interval 0.201 s

C) What is the tangential speed v_tan (in m/s) of a point on the tip of the blade at time 0.201 s

D) What is the magnitude of the resultant acceleration (in m/s^2) of a point on the tip of the blade at time 0.201 s ?

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This solution is provided in an attached .jpg file. It includes calculations for finding revolutions per second, angular velocity, and acceleration. A diagram is provided to enhance learning.

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