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Tangential Speed and Acceleration

A helicopter blade has an angular speed of 6.50 rev/s and an angular acceleration of 1.30 rev/s^2. Find the magnitudes of the tangential speed and acceleration for a point (a) 3.00m from the center of rotation and (b) a point on the blade 6.70 m from the center of rotation.

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angular velocity w = 6.5 rev/s = 6.5*2*pi = 13pi rad/s
angular acceleration "alpha" = 1.3 rev/s^2 = 2.6pi rad/s^2

r = 3.00 m
tangential speed v = r*w = 3*13pi ...

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The solution provides the magnitude of both speed and acceleration for specified distances from the centre of rotation. This is calculated by looking at tangential and normal parameters for both speed and acceleration, to derive the net acceleration, which is subsequently used for the solution.