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    Vectors in physics: Displacement, orbits

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    Please assist with the attached problems that I am having problems solving. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

    1. The x and y components of a displacement vector are -3.00 m and +4.00 m, respectively. What angle does this vector make with the positive x axis?

    a. 233 degrees
    b. 127 degrees
    c. -53.0 degrees
    d. 53.0 degrees
    e. 37.0 degrees

    2. Starting from a rest, a particle that is confined to move along a straight line is accelerated at a rate of 5.0 m/s². Which statement concerning the slope of the position versus time graph for this particle is true?

    a. The slope has a constant value of 5.0 m/s
    b. The slope has a constant value of 5.0 m/s²
    c. The slope is both constant and negative
    d. The slope is not constant and increases with increasing time
    e. The slope is not constant and decreases with increasing time

    3. An artificial satellite in a circular orbit around the Sun has a period of 8 years. Determine the ratio of the satellite's orbital radius about the Sun to the earth's orbital radius about the Sun. Assume that the earth's orbit about the Sun is circular.

    a. 1
    b. 2
    c. 4
    d. 8
    e. 23

    4. A wheel with a 0.10 m radius is rotating at 35 rev/s. It then shows uniformly to 15 rev/s over a 3.0-s interval. What is the angular acceleration of a point on the wheel?

    a. -2.0 rev/s²
    b. 0.67 rev/s²
    c. -6.7 rev/s²
    d. 42 rev/s²
    e. -17 rev/s²

    5. A ceiling fan has five blades, each with a mass of .034 kg and length of 0.66m. the fan is operating in its "low" setting at which the angular speed is 9.4 rads/s. If the blades can be approximated as uniform thin rods that rotate about one end, what is the total rotational kinetic energy of the five blades?

    a. 35 J
    b. 29J
    c. 23J
    d. 17J
    e. 11J

    6. Alyssa went to her outside faucet to fill a 0.032-m³ bucket with water to wash her car. Water exits with a speed of 0.64 m/s. The radius of the faucet is 0.0075 m. How long does it take to fill the bucket completely?

    a. 9.0s
    b. 17s
    c. 190s
    d. 280s
    e 890s

    7. The coefficient of linear expansion of a certain solid is 9 x 10-6/Cº. Assuming the solid behaves like most solids, what is the coefficient of volume expansion?

    a. 9.1 x 10-6/Cº
    b. 27 x 10-36/Cº
    c. 27 x 10-6/Cº
    d. 729 x 10-6/Cº
    e. 729 x 10-36/Cº

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