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    Turbine Thermo Steam Velocity

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    Steam enters a turbine with a velocity of 20 ms-1, a pressure of 3 bar,
    internal energy of 3500 kJ kg-1 and density of 1.7 kg ms-3. The steam
    leaves the turbine with a velocity of 30 m s-1, an internal energy of
    2900 kJ kg-1, density of 0.7 kg m-3 and at a pressure of 1.2 bar. If heat is
    lost to the surroundings at the rate of 30 kW and the output power of the
    turbine is 5 MW, calculate :

    (a) the enthalpy of the steam at entry and exit from the turbine

    (b) the entry and exit areas of the turbine.

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    (a) The equation which relates the (specific) enthalpy to the (specific) internal energy is
    ( 1)
    where h = specific enthalpy [J/kg], 1kJ/kg = 103 J/kg
    u = specific internal energy [J/kg]
    p = pressure [Pa], 1 bar = 105 Pa
     = density [kg/m3]

    We will denote [ ]1 the inlet parameters and [ ]2 the exit parameters.
    Replacing with given numerical values, we will get:

    ( 2)

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