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    A turbine salesman makes the following claim

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    A turbine salesman makes the following claim for one of his products: Steam enters a steady-flow adiabatic turbine at 4 MPa, 600 °C with negligible velocity and exhausts at 200 kPa with a velocity of 180 m/s. The flow rate is 2.2 kg/s and the turbine power is 2 MW.

    a. If the turbine operated as described by the salesman, what would the temperature of the exhaust steam be?
    b. Could the salesman's claim be valid? Explain and justify your response. (Hint: look at the Clausius Inequality.)

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    a. Apply energy balance for a turbine:

    but V1 = 0 and V2 = 180 (m/s)
    From steam table, h1 = 3674.4 (kJ/kg), s1 = ...

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