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Probabiity Questions

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1- The assistants have .50 probability of going on strike, .40 the pilots and .15 that both go on strike.
a) Determine of the probability the pilots go on strikes and if the assistant will also. Indicate the probability and that condition

2- Probability of increase of house sales in 6 months is considered in 0.25 the interest rate on loans of the same period is 0.74. The probability that both (sale of houses and interest rate) increase considers to .10
a) Determine probability of increase in that period.

3) The owner of a fish market determines that the t average weigh of a fish is 3.2 pounds with a standard deviation of. 8 pounds. Suppose that the weight of the fish follows a normal distribution.
a). determine probability that the fish weighs less than 2.2 pounds.
b) Determines the probability that the fish weighs between 3 and 5 pounds.

4) A salesman clears 20% of phone calls in one sale. Suppose that the probability of one sale is one independent call from others.
a) Determine the probability that a salesman makes 4 sales in 10 calls.
b) Determine the probability that the salesman makes 4 sales or more in 10 calls

5) In a ballot box of balls, of different colors, 20 black, 50 red, 50 blue o, 60 green, 70 white.

a) Determines the probability to pick a red one

b) Determine the probability to pick a red o black ball.

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