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    Turbomachinery: Reaction Turbines

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    Please help with the following problem.

    Sketch the fully annotated velocity triangles for a Parsons turbine stage. Use your sketch to show that the specific work produced per stage is given as w_stage = (C_b)^2 [1 + 2(f/C_b)(cot(B_1))].

    At a particular stage of a Parsons reaction turbine, the mean blade speed is 60 m/s and the steam specific volume v = 0.577 m3/kg. The fixed and moving blades at this stage have inlet angles of 30 degrees and exit angles of 20 degrees. Sketch the velocity triangles and find:
    a) The axial velocity
    b) The blade height for this stage if the blade height is 1/10 of the mean blade diameter and the steam mass flow is 13.5 kg/s
    c) The stage power
    d) The diagram efficiency

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    Notations and assumptions:
    [ ]* = total features (like p*, T*)
    V1, V2 = absolute velocities
    W1, W2 = relative ...

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