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    Electromagnetic waves and Radioactivity

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    If you body is emitting infrared radiation of wavelength 9.4 x 10^(-6)m, what is the energy of the released photons?

    A hydrogen atom initially in the n =3 level emits a photon and ends up in the ground state.
    a) What is the energy of the emitted photon?
    b) If this atom then absorbs a second photon and returns to the n =3,state what must the energy of this photon be?

    The amount of carbon -14 in an ancient wooden bowl is found to be one-half that in a new piece of wood. How old is the bowl?

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    (1) Wavelength = 9.4 * 10^-6 m, Planck's constant = 6.626 * 10^-34 Js, Velocity of light = 3 * 10^8 m/s

    Energy of photons released = Planck's constant * ...

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