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    Waves and Refraction

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    1. The speed all electromagnetic waves in empty space is 3.00 x 10^8 m/s. Calculate the wavelength of electromagnetic waves emitted at the following frequencies:

    a. radio waves at 88.0 MHz
    b. visible light at 6.0 x 10^8 MHz

    2. A tuning fork produces a sound with a frequency of 256 Hz and a wavelength in air of 1.35 m.

    a. What value does this give for the speed of sound in air?
    b. What would be the wavelength of the wave produced by this tuning fork in water in which sound travels at 1500 m/s?

    Please show the work done, formulas used and answers please. Thank you!

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    1. a) because,
    c = f*lembda
    where, c is speed of electro magnetic waves, f is requency and lembda is wavelength.
    f = 88 MHz = 88*10^6 ...

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