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Refraction of incoming ray of light

1. For an incoming ray of light with the vacuum wavelength of 589 nm, fill in the unknown values in the following table.

From (medium) To(medium) 0i 0r
a. Flint glass Crown glass 25.0 ?
b. Air ? 14.5 9.80
c. Air Diamond 31.6 ?

2. The smallest insects that a bat can detect are approximately the size of one wavelength of the sound the bat makes. What is the minimum frequency of sound waves required for the bat to detect an insect that is 0.57 cm long? (Assume the speed of sound is 340 m/s.)

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1.a.) r = ?
fnc = refractive index of crown glass with respect to flint glass
=> fnc = nc/nf = refractive index of crown/flint = sin(i)/sin(r)
=> fnc = 1.5/1.75 = ...

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