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Generation of electromagnetic waves

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With the help of Maxwell's equation, explain how he predicted the existence of electromagnetic waves.

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This solution provides a thorough explanation of the properties of electromagnetic waves, Maxwell's contribution to their discovery, and relevant calculations.

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1.What is a mechanical wave? What are its characteristics?

A mechanical wave involves transfer of mechanical energy (potential and/or kinetic) in a direction (direction of propagation of the wave) without actual transfer of the molecules of the medium. The molecules of the medium oscillate about a mean position but do not move in the direction of propagation of the wave. Examples of mechanical wave are: waves generated in a placid pond when a stone is dropped at any point, sound waves. Essential characteristics of a mechanical wave are:

•Molecules of the medium oscillate about a mean position. In case of water waves, the water molecules oscillate up-down about their equilibrium position.
•Energy transfer takes place continuously either perpendicular to the direction of oscillation of the molecules (transverse waves) or parallel to the direction of oscillations ...

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