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Scientific method, Galileo and the "Flat Earth"

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Hello. Please help me with the following:
1. What harm can be done by reporting false or poor data in a scientific report ? How does the scientific method correct such errors and fraud ?

2. What observations did Galileo make that reinforced the heliocentric model ? Why did these observations contradict the geocentric model ? Why could these observations not have been made before Galileo ?

3. How could you prove to a member of the "Flat-Earth Society" that the Earth is really round ?


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1) A great example of false data would be the Fleischman & Pons "cold fusion" experiment from 1989 wherein inflated claims of excess heat and the detection of Helium product. The former effect has been supposedly replicated by some researchers and the latter retracted by the pair.

Of course the problems with both replication by other researchers and repeatability bear strongly to "self correction" in that others trying to replicate an experiment, and anyone trying to repeat the same should, within the realm of probability, achieve the same or similar results. (Wikipedia has a well-referenced discourse on the matter)

If your school frowns on Wikipedia .... look at the external references listed on the bottom (note links at references #2, 8, 9, 11, 61-62, 64, 68, 114 {on 114 click the title not the author ... it opens a "Google ...

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Addresses three questions: one on data and the scientific method, second on Galileo and the Heliocentric/Geocentric debate of those days and third regarding discounting a "Flat Earth"