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Describing scientific experiments, method and scientists

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Below is a list of important scientific experiments and the scientist who conducted them. Choose one experiment and describe how they used the scientific method to prove or disprove them as instructed in the discussion question.

Scientist Discovery/Experiment
Robert Koch Germ Theory
Edward Jenner Vaccinations
Gregor Mendel Rules of Heredity
Thomas Hunt Morgan Genes are on Chromosomes
Galileo Galilei Law of Falling Objects
Richard Oldham Earth's core
Frederick Hopkins Vitamins are Essential to Health
Matthew Meselson & Franklin Stahl Semi-Conservative Replication of DNA
Harold Varmus & Michael Bishop Discovery of Oncogenes
Humphry Davy Electricity Transforms Chemicals
Victor Hess Radiation Comes From Space
Harry Hess Seafloor Spreading
Stanley Miller & Harold Urey Origin of Organic Compounds on Earth
Alfred Hershey & Martha Chase DNA is Heredity Material
Louis Pateur Spontaneous Generation
Alexander Flemming Penicillin
Alfred Wegener Continental Drift
Anton Von Leeuwenhoek Microorganisms

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Alfred Wegener Continental Drift

Wegener's Continental Drift Theory was technically NOT proven as the theory was correct in principle but had many incorrect presumptions and details. The main and most glaring problem with the theory was Wegner's lack of ability to give a mechanism for how the continents drifted across the globe. His theory did represent the forerunner for the Plate Tectonics theory that has proven that the Continents did indeed drift and were once joined together, ...

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The expert describes scientific experiments, methods and scientists. Important scientific experiments and the scientists who conduct them are determined.

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