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Advances in Today's Understanding of Diseases

In the Seventeenth Century, advances in understanding of diseases resulted from the questioning of past beliefs which led to the search for answers.

What were the major "breakthroughs" that contributed to a more scientific understanding of disease causation?

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The seventeenth century is also termed the beginning of the scientific revolution and this is all for good reasons. Though at that time, there were many scientists who practiced much of the same things that we practice today concerning research and the understanding of disease causation, they did it in a different manner. A manner which prevented the expansion of science as it is today. During the scientific revolution, many scientists/researchers revolutionized the field by contributing to it in a manner that challenged the status quo and provided more scientific/proven results to understanding diseases. Some of these researchers were:

1) Francis Bacon-Introduced inductive reasoning (arriving at the truth based on observation and the relationship between variables) as opposed to ...

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This solution discusses various advances in understanding of diseases.