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Motivation & Eating

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Eating healthy

Analyze the brain structures and functions associated with the motivation to engage in your selected behavior. In your analysis, be sure to also evaluate the impact of extrinsic and intrinsic factors, including heredity and the environment, on the motivation to engage in your selected behavior.

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Motivation & Eating

Eating is that physical activity living things engage to provide fuel for the body, a natural act that preserves life & ensures its continuance. To survive, the body must be fuelled with the essential amounts of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals & fluids; eating however is not just an act of survival, it is also a source for pleasure for animals, including human beings. Many people find satisfaction from creating & savouring the most tasteful dishes and culinary arts is part of any national or regional culture as much as it is imbedded in family traditions. France have their gourmands, Americans have their culinary specialists, critics & star Chefs while every nation in the world take pride in particular cuisines & dishes. Motivation is that cause or body of reasons that encourage or push people to work towards a certain goal, a certain reward. The reasons behind motivations can be varied - basic needs rewards, wants, desires, the ideal or the state being. In the case of eating - the State of Being satisfied food-wise as well as to feed the body with the necessary fuel to continue on and survive is both the reward and the purpose although it is arguably true that at times, the state of being continually satisfied by the delight or pleasure of the food being consumed leads to overeating and for the person (or animal) to become obese - an unhealthy physical state that can lead to serious problems of both the mental (eating disorders, depression) and physical problems (i.e. heart attack). Scientists, in the case of eating disorders and the study of eating and its relation to human psychology have been engaged in a continual developmental study to map out the functions of the brain & its relations to eating & motivation. It is believed that a better understanding of the way the human psyche work in terms of motivation, wants & desires could help in combating the problem of mental disorders including depression and issues related to over/under eating.

In 2006, researchers of a neuroscience team composed of participants & scientists from the University of California, Stanford & MIT through their ...

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