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Ethics and Legal Issues:Internet

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After tedious negotiations, ExtremeNet and Allen Lopez have agreed to have their case resolved by arbitration. resolve the follwing questions:

1. Shold Allen Lopez be allowed to keep his job with ExtremeNet?

2. Should Allen Lopez be forced to remove his website?

3. How Could ExtremeNet's executives best respect Allen Lopez's rights and moral dignity?

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Your answer needs to address the following issues:

1. There are two issues here, the legal ones and the moral ones. Legal issues revolve around whether a whistle-blower should be protected, even if his method of letting people know about it was probably not very discreet. Furthermore, you need to ascertain, if possible what is meant by "unfair practices". From the complete question as I saw it, it seems that he was protesting some actions that might have involved discrimination against protected classes of individuals. However, you will also have to address the ...

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