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    Law and Ethics as a source of personal ground rules

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    Ground rules have been discussed in relation to ethics and morals and the lives we lead. From the authors' views, and your own interpretations, answer the following questions in relation to organizational ethics:

    1) What are the sources for personal ground rules?
    2) What are the sources for organizational ground rules?
    3) How are sources for personal and organizational ground rules similar? How are they different? How are they different from "legal" rules?
    4) What ought to take priority in an organization? (Law or ethics?)

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    1) Sources of ground rules are our morals and experiences. Based on our past we set up rules for ourselves to follow so that we don't end up in similar situations that were not pleasant in the future.

    2) Organizational ground rules stem from hand books that are written with people with a legal background and experience in risk ...

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