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    Affirmative Action:Utilitarian & Deontological Views

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    For my study guide. Please provide a brief explanation of Affirmative Action from the Utilitarian point of view and the Deontologist point of view.

    Please cite any references.

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    About Affirmative Action

    Affirmative action, simply put, are those positive steps in the form of policies, laws, statutes or change in practices/shift in perspectives that is geared towards the upliftment of, development of an increase of representation of women and the minorities in organizations, firms and practices from which they have been historically excluded or where previously their access has been restricted. An example of affirmative action, for example was the nomination of now Sec. Hillary Clinton as Democrat Party Nominee (the presidential leadership in America had always been socio-historically a position occupied by men). The most expressive recent affirmative action in American society though was the successful nomination to the Democrat Ballot of then Sen. now Pres. Barack Obama primarily because of his ethnicity. He is the first African-American US President and his nomination and win is made that much more defining in that he ran for the ticket leadership against a woman - Hillary Clinton and upon his win, together with now US VP Biden, ran against a ticket with a VP woman contender, the Republican bet then Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Affirmative action can happen in all aspects of society. Just recently, the repealing of the supreme court of the Ban of same-sex marriages in California is considered an affirmative action in that it increased the representation of same-sex couples in the 'legally married' group of society, a group that was previously impossible for same sex couples to join.

    Equal Employment Opportunity or EEO is one of the manifestations of affirmative action taken by the government and instituted as standard employment practice across America as a policy against discrimination for the purpose of implementing full spectrum diversity. The struggle to implement full spectrum diversity in the workplace and in society is a continuous battle and as ...

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