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Ethical Relativism

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I just need some help getting started and organizing my thoughts......


1. Research several articles on the concept of Ethical Relativism and write paper which comprehensively explains both the basic concept and its cultural implications.

2. After summarizing the concepts in detail, present the arguments in both favor and against Ethical Relativism.

3. The conclusion of your paper should address your personal analysis of the merits of this concept and, more importantly, why. Your conclusion should be convincing and based on sound rationale.

All help will be much appreciated.

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Assists in formatting and researching the topic of ethical relativism on several main points i.e. defining ethical relativism, arguments for and against, etc. References are provided.

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When trying to get started it if often helpful to write an outline which you can follow based on the assignment requirements.

I. Introduction (introduce topic briefly; include purpose statement: This paper examines...)
II. Body
(a) Explain both the basic concept of ethical relativity and its cultural implications.
(b) Arguments in favor and against the theory
III. Conclusion (draws conclusions about the soundless and merits of the theory based on the arguments and other rationale for your analysis).

Now, let's look at each section to help get you started. I also attached a sample APA paper to follow for your final copy.

1. What is ethical relativism - explain both the basic concept and its cultural implications.

One way to define the concept of Ethical relativism is:

"the denial of ethical absolutism. More precisely, ethical relativism denies that there is a single moral standard, which applies to all people, all times, and all places." (http://philosophy.lander.edu/intro/stace.html)

Ethical relativism is similar to sociological relativism, which is "the belief that there are many moral laws and these laws are relative to the place, times, and circumstances of a people. Both sides agree to the truth of sociological relativism because it is descriptively true. However, the crucial question is ...

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