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    Corporate Social Responsibility & moral obligation

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    How do moral obligations apply to business organizations? Can companies be held accountable for what they do, or are the individuals who make up the company the ones we must hold accountable? Discuss the major arguments concerning corporate responsibility.

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    Corporate Moral Obligation

    What is corporate moral obligation? What kind of responsibilities and obligations does an organization have towards society? Morals or morality are those set of behavioural conduct and actions that show differentiation of intent and purpose whether towards being good or towards being bad. Usually, in our socialization we learn from our parents, teachers and elders a moral code - a set of actions that are the right thing, the expected thing to do in case of so many situations, choices and events. What is considered 'right' or moral is dependent upon so many factors - the religion, experience, views and social standards of a particular group of people for example. It builds over time and is considered as the standard code for how to behave in that particular society and behavior that is contrary to it is considered unbecoming, unacceptable and immoral. Consider, for example, crime and criminality. The act of murder, the act of rape - they are immoral, unacceptable and not within the moral code of our current society. Moral codes can be legally enforceable if they are rewritten or re-expressed as law while those outside of the context of law are still enforceable following public opinion that, even without legal weight still leads the 'immoral agent' to suffer social consequences. Take for example a husband keeping ...

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