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    Mechanics: Scalars and Vectors

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    1. Given the following 3 vectors, all of which lie in the horizontal plane, (see attachment for list of vectors), find:
    (a) 3A-B
    (b) 1) A?B 2) B?A
    (c) 1) A*B 2) B*A
    (d) (5A-6B+4C)?(B*C-A*B)

    *(Please see attachment for complete question and equations)

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    For the example
    A · B = |A| |B| cos ( A - B) = 3 × 5 cos -20°, cos -20° is not equal to cos(20),
    Then A · B=3*5*0.9397=14.1.
    The calculator uses radian of the angle instead of degree.

    a. Given the following ...

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    This shows how to perform operations on vectors.