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How to build x and R chart

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When set at the standard position, Autopitch can
throw hard balls toward a batter at an average speed
of 60 mph. Autopitch devices are made for both
major- and minor-league teams to help them improve
their batting averages. Autopitch executives
take samples of 10 Autopitch devices at a time to
monitor these devices and to maintain the highest
quality. The average range is 3 mph. Using controlchart
techniques, determine control-chart limits for
averages and ranges for Autopitch.

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The solution provides steps how to find out x and R chart.

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X-Bar and R-Chart

A bank manager decides to study waiting times of customers for teller service at the noon lunch hour (noon to 1pm). He observes three customers to measure the time the customer enters the line to the time he or she reaches the teller window. He records this over several days.

Time in Minutes

Day Customer #1 Customer #2 Customer #3

1 7.2 8.4 7.9

2 5.6 8.7 3.3

3 5.5 7.3 3.2

4 4.4 8.0 5.4

5 9.7 4.6 4.8

6 8.3 8.9 9.1

Please draw the X-bar Chart and R-chart.

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