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Statistic Process Control - X-Bar and R-Charts

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1. A part that connects two levels should have a distance between the two holes of 4". It has been deternined that X-bar and R-charts should be set up to determine if the process is in statistical control. The following 100 samples of sample size four were collected. Calculate the control limits and plot the control charts.
2. Is this process in control? Why or why not?
3. Please explain in details how/what/why you did what you did in this exercise and list the solutions which you have came up with. In other words, provide a written summary of this exercise so that I understand exactly how you did it.


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Following are the steps followed to plot the control charts:
Step 1: Calculate the mean and Range for each sample. Mean is average of the 4 observations and Range is the difference between the maximum and minimum observation for that sample.

Step 2: Calculate the Mean of means(X double bar) and R bar(mean of sample ranges).

Step 3 : Calculate the control limits for R chart ...

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Statistic Process Control that uses X-Bar and R-Charts are discussed.