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    Proving Trigonometric Identities for sec, tan, cos and sin

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    sec 2A + tan 2A = (cos A + sin A)/ (cos A - sin A)

    Express this as a sum of 2 trigo functions

    (sin2A)^2 - (sinA)^2 = (sinA)(sin3A)

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    1) sec 2A + tan 2A = (cos A + sin A)/ (cos A - sin A)

    2) Express this as a sum of 2 trigo functions= 2(siny)(sin5y)

    3)Prove (sin2A)^2 - (sinA)^2 = (sinA)(sin3A)


    1) Taking the left hand side first we get,
    LHS => sec2A + tan2A =
    Taking LCD as 'cos2A', we get:

    ------- (1)

    Taking right hand side

    and ...

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