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    Using Trigonometric Identities

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    1. Use the fundamental identities to write the first expression in terms of the second:
    a) tan^2(t)*sec(t); cost(t)
    b) sec(t); sin(t) with t in quadrant 2

    Find the values of the remaining trigonometric functions at t from the given information:
    a) If sin(t) = -8/17 and the terminal point for t is in quadrant 4, find csc(t) + sec(t)
    b) If sec(t) = -5 and the terminal point for t is in quadrant 2, find sin^2(t) + cos^2(t)

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    (a) (tan(t))^2*( sec(t)) = [(sec(t))^2 - 1]*(sec(t)) = (sec(t))^3 - sec(t) = 1/(cos(t))^3 - 1/cos(t)

    (b) since t is in quadrant 2, sect = ...

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