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    six trigomonetric functions

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    #2. if cos (theta) = -.65, then cos(-theta) = _______
    #8. find sin (theta), cot (theta) = -(1/3), (theta) in quadrant IV
    #26 find the remaining five trigonometric functions of (theta), cos (theta) = (1/5), (theta) in quadrant I
    #56 write each expression in terms of sine and cosine, and simplify so that no quotients appear in the final expression, cot^2(theta)(1+tan^2(theta))

    #2 perform each indicated operation and simplify the result,
    (sec x/csc x) + (csc x/sec x)
    #18 factor each trigonometric expression, 4tan^2(beta) + tan(beta)-3
    #26 each expression simplifies to a constant, a single function, or a power of a function. use fundamental identities to simplify each expression, cot t tan t
    #46 verify that each trigonometric equation is an identity,
    (cos(theta))/(sin(theta) cot(theta))=1
    #68 verify that each trigonometric equation is an identity,
    #84 graph each expression on each side of the equals symbol to determine whether the equation might be an identity. use a domain whose length is at least 2Ï?. if the equation looks like an identity, verify it algebraically.

    #6 use identities to find each exact value, cos(-15degrees)
    #72 write each expression as a function of x or (theta), with no angle of measure involved. tan((Ï?/4)+x)
    #106 verify that each equation is an identity.
    ((sin(s+t))/(cos s cos t))=tan s + tan t

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