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    Mathematics - Trigonometry

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    1. Express 59 degrees 21 minutes as
    (i) degrees in decimal form.
    (ii) radians.

    2. Find a value for O if sinO 0.4 and 0 900.

    3. In the triangle at right, find values for:
    (i) sin o
    (ii) tan o
    (iii) cosec o

    5. The owner of a restaurant must build a ramp so that the less agile can enter easily. The entry is 1 .3m above ground level and the ramp must be at an angle of 50 to the horizontal ground level. Find the length of the ramp.

    6. Find sin 6in fractional form if tanO = 2/5 and 0 0 90°.

    7. The pilot of a helicopter at an altitude of 1 50m spots a horizontal bridge straight ahead. The bridge lies parallel to the course of the helicopter. The angle of depression of the end of the bridge nearest the pilot is 17° and the angle of depression of the other end is 12°. Calculate the length of the bridge.

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    (1) (a) 21 minutes = 21/60 = 0.35 deg

    59 deg 21 minutes = 59 + 0.35 = 59.35 degrees

    (b) 59.35 deg = 59.35 deg * (pi/180) radians /degrees = 1.036 radians

    (2) Theta = arcsin ...

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