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    Angle of elevation and angle of depression

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    1. We wish to estimate the height of the college chimney. When I am standing at a position A, the angle of elevation is 30 degrees, when I advance 50m closer the angle of elevation is 47 degrees. How high is the chimney?

    Take the height of the man to be 180cm.

    Man @180cm


    2. A tumour is found to be such that when viewed by x-ray from a point A the angle of depression is 52 o and when viewed from B a distance of 16cm away horizontally on the other side of the tumour the angle of depression is 30 o. how far is the tumour from A and how deep is it?

    3. what are the three internal angles of both triangles please give full workings



    find x and y please give full workings

    20m x

    350 60o


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