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    Current in series, Resistance in parallel circuit, Power

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    Please break these examples down for me so I can grasp this before testing.

    Total Current in series circuit with following: Vs=20V, R1=3k ohms, R2 = 2k ohms, R3= 1k ohms

    Total equivalent resistance in a parallel circuit: Vs = 20V, R1=3k ohms, R2= 2k ohms, R3 = 1k ohms...all resistors are parallel.

    Total Current in parallel circuit: Vs=20V, R1= 3k ohms, R2 = 2k ohms, R3= 1k ohms. All resistors are parallel.

    Total power dissipated in a parallel circuit. Vs=20V, R1=3k ohms, R2=2k ohms, R3= 1k ohms. All resistors parallel and put answer in the terms of WATTS

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