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probability distribution

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Loebuck Grocery orders milk from a dairy on a weekly basis. The manager of the store has developed the following probability distribution for demand per week (in cases):.........see attached

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A probability distribution is assessed.

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Leveraging Probability Distributions

On the attach file X school has compiled a large database of survey responses from 288 individuals which contains the following information:

(1) Gender (2) Age (3) Department (4) Position (5) Tenure
(6) Overall Job Satisfaction
(7) Intrinsic Job Satisfaction - Satisfaction with the actual performance of the job
(8) Extrinsic Job Satisfaction- Things external to the job, e.g., office location, your work colleagues, your own office (cubicle/hard walled office, etc), etc.

(Q1) I need assistant with an overview of the database from tab (SURVEY and KEY) to the X school, i.e., story.

(Q2) The information should include the four (4) pieces of information tab WORKSHEET. In addition, can you aid with part 3 on tab WORKSHEET with and explanation. I have already completed the other question in part 1,2, and 4, however, feel free to check them.

(Q3) How you would use the concept of probabilities to apply to profiles for hiring more satisfied individuals and other ways that probability is used in business.

Thanks you in advance for your help.

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