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Probability Distributions Description

Define probability distributions. Describe two common probability distributions.
Looking for a good original (yet cited) response to this definition. And if you can describe two common ones with an example for each that would be great.

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"Probability distribution is a listing of all the outcomes of an experiment and the probability associated with each outcome - In any experiment of chance, the outcomes occur randomly - A probability distribution gives the entire range of values that can occur based on an experiment - it describes how likely some future event is." (Lind et al., p. 192)

Reference: Lind, D., W. Marchal, and R. Mason. (2002). Statistical Techniques in Business & Economics. 11th ed. Boston: McGraw-Hill. ...

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This solution gives a concise description of the different types of probability distributions: continuous probability distribution, discrete probability distribution, binomial probability distribution, Poisson probability distribution, and hypergeometric probability distribution. Each explanation is accompanied by an example but does not include calculations.