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    Expected value of random variable

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    Given the following probability distributions:

    Distribution A Distribution B
    X P(X) X P(X)

    0 0.50 0 0.05
    1 0.20 1 0.10
    2 0.15 2 0.15
    3 0.10 3 0.20
    4 0.05 4 0.50

    a. Compute the expected value for each distribution.
    b. Compute the standard deviation for each distribution.
    c. Compare and contrast the results of distributions A and B.

    The following table contains the probability distribution for the number of traffic accidents daily in a small city.

    Number of Accidents Daily (X) P(X)

    0 0.10
    1 0.20
    2 0.45
    3 0.15
    4 0.05
    5 0.05

    a. Compute the mean or expected number of accidents per day.
    b. Compute the standard deviation.

    See attached file for full problem description.

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    Compute the expected value for each distribution.

    Distribution A ...

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