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Random Number Generator

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For the equation RAND = (ac+m)MOD MAX , if the set of random numbers is known, is it possible to calculate a,c and m?

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The possibility of calculating variables from a random generator are discussed.

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First of all, if a,c and m never change, then RAND will always be the same number (not very random). So one of a or c must actually be the previous value of RAND to generate a set of pseudo-random numbers. Let us arbitrarily say RAND is fed back into the equation by assigning it to c. So your question boils down to "If we know the set of random numbers can we determine a and m?". We need two equations to solve two unknowns.

We shall start by considering the following start of a random sequence: {2,11,38,19,62,...} with max=100

There are four ...

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