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C++ Linked List

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Write a program to check out how good my new random number generator generates numbers. A good generator produces evenly distributed numbers over some range. Determine how well these numbers are dispersed between 1 and 100.
generate 10,000 random numbers between 1 and 100 and count how many times each number is produced. From this test, the program is to produce several results.

a. Determine the average random number produced.
b. Determine which number(s) was generated the most often.
Need to know which random number was produced most often (the count) and if more than one, show all.
c. Determine which number(s) was generated the least often.
Need to know which random number was produced least often (the count) and if more than one, show all.

Must use a link list to store data in order
Must use functions.

new random number generator is a follows:

seed = 73267217 ......starting value (first random number)

Generate the next random number using the previous random number (seed)

seed = abs( seed % 10000 + seed / 10000 ) * 732163
return seed; (newest random number).

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Solution Summary

Using linked list in C++ to determine how good the random numbers generated by a generator over some ranges are distributed.

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