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    Game Theory : Two-Player Card Game

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    In the two-player game of Two Stacks, a deck of cards (with the joker added, for a total of 53 cards) is randomly divided into two piles. The two players take turns removing cards from one pile or the other. On a player's turn, that player may remove any positive number of cards from a single pile. The object of the game is to remove the last card. Is there a strategy you could use that would ensure that you would win, no matter what the other player does?

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    The player who takes the first turn will win the game. His strategy is as follows.
    The 53 cards are devided into two piles A and B. Pile A has m cards and Pile B has n cards. Since 53 is an odd number, m is not equal to n. If m>n, then the ...

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    A winning strategy for a two-player card game is outlined. The strategies to ensure that you would win are determined.