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    Linear Programming for Maximum Profit

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    I need help with the following problem.

    Using the attached file please help with Constructing a model expressing the profit for X made in a day in terms of the decision variables. Solve the question graphically to determine the number of bowls and mugs to produce each day for maxinum profit.

    I know that Zmax is 40x+50y and the constraints are 1x+2y<_40ozs
    x,y >_0

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    LP problem is
    Maximize Z = 40x+50y
    Subject to constraints

    1x+2y ≤ 40
    4x+3y ≤ 120
    x,y ≥0

    First find the x and y-intercepts of both the inequalities by replacing ≤ sign by = .

    x-intercept for ...

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