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    Linear Trendline, Trend Equation and Forecast

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    See data file attached.

    (a) Plot the data on fruit and vegetable consumption.
    (b) Discuss the underlying causes that might explain the trend or pattern.
    (c) Fit a linear trend to the data.
    (d) Interpret the trend equation. What are its implications for producers?
    (e) Make a forecast for 2005.
    Note: Time increments are 5 years, so use t = 6 for your 2005 forecast.

    U.S. Per Capita Consumption of Commercially Produced Fruits and Vegetables (pounds)
    year total
    1980 608.0
    1985 629.3
    1990 659.2
    1995 690.0
    2000 705.4

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    d) The trend equation is given as y=5.11(x)-9510.5, where x represents the year.

    e) For the ...

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