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Find an upper and lower bound for the integral using the comparison properties of integrals.

1∫0 1 /x+2(dx)

Apply the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to find the derivative of:

h(x)= x∫2 ^/¯u-1dx


4∫1 (4+^/¯x)^2 / 2^/¯x (dx)


∫2cos^2 xdx

Sketch the region bounded by the graphs of Figure and then find its area.
y= 9-x^2,y=5-3x

Approximate the integral; n=6, by:
a) first applying Simpson's Rule and
b) then applying the trapezoidal rule.


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Integrals, area under the curve, Simpson's rule, trapezoidal rule and the fundamental theorem of calculus are investigated.