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    Graphing Inequities

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    Please help knowing what to graph (see the attachment).

    1. Graph: Y ≤ 3x-6

    2. Graph: -4x ≥ 5y

    3. Graph: -8x ≤ 2y.

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    Explanation with the related graphs are in the attached file.

    1. Y ≤ 3x-6

    - Fist of all this is an inequity; not an equation. To draw an inequity graph we should first assume that its an equation and temporarily replace ≤ with =

    So our equation becomes Y=3x-6

    - Now we need to find the coordinates that cut x and y axis on a graph . To find these we need to give 0 value to x or y

    If we assume Y= 0 then 3x-6=0 and x=2 and our first coordinate is (2,0) on a graph

    - Then we need to find the coordinate where x=0

    If we assume x=0 then y = -6 and our second coordinate is (0,-6) on a graph

    - We found the two coordinates that cuts our y and ...

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