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    Equity in the Education

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    I need some direction here. Anyone have some suggestions?

    Define equity in education, assess inequities in the school setting and compare personal and societal views towards diversity. Keep in mind the changes that have taken place in the field of special education, as well as the driving forces behind those changes.

    What are the some of the main points that stand out to you, as a teacher when you think about equity in education?

    What are the things you will take with you into the classroom from your learning of this?

    Are there any ideas you are still wrestling with that you will need to continue to process about this topic?

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    I always like to begin by giving a few resources to use in order to answer the question. There is a wealth of information online about equity in education. Here are some that I used to help articulate my own thoughts on the matter.





    Equality and equity in education is not the same thing. I like the comparison of two people bleeding. One had a clotting disorder and the other did not. To treat these two individuals exactly the same could be devastating to one. Equity in education is a means to improve educational and social outcomes for children and young people, particularly those with additional support ...

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    This article explains the difference between equity and equality in education. An explanation and background informatiion is provided.