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Height, Volume and Diameter

Two similar cones have surface areas of 225 cm^2 and 441 cm^2.
32. If the height of the larger cone is 12 cm, find the height of the smaller cone.
33. If the volume of the smaller cone is 250 cm^3, find the volume of the larger cone.
34. A leg bone of a horse has a cross-sectional area of 19.6 cm^2. What is the diameter of the leg bone?
35. How much longer must the diameter of the leg vone in Exercise 34 be to support a horse twice as tall?
36. A 100 foot cylindrical tower has a cross-sectional radius of 26 feet. What would be the radius of a 350 foot tower if it were proportional to the 100 ft. tower?
37 -42 attached.


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